Mysterious light in Mexico’s sky causes chaos among people

Mysterious light in Mexico’s sky causes chaos among people

People have been freaking about a weird light that has suddenly appeared in the sky in Mexico over what it could be. Is it a plane or a bird? There aren’t any answers but theories are aplenty. 

A clip shared on Tik Tok shows what looks like a combination of a plane trail and fireworks that disperse into individual lines of light that move quickly across the sky. 

@nickybeezer Tiktok, what was this? Nobu Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – 2/5/2022 #space #spacex #aesteroids #fyp #viral #galaxy #night #mexico #shootingstar #sky #nobu ♬ original sound – NickyBeezer

Several people share their thoughts on what it could be, with some suggesting it might be a meteor shower

It turns out there could be a pretty reasonable explanation for this all and, funnily enough, it has something to do with the SpaceX founder himself. 

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX that provides satellite internet access coverage to most of the planet. 

This would make a lot of sense, especially since SpaceX just launched another 50 Starlink satellite via its Falcon 9 spacecraft before landing it at sea. 

Source: Agencies

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