Myth-buster: Ice water isn’t the perfect way to beat the heat!

Myth-buster: Ice water isn’t the perfect way to beat the heat!

Summers are here!

Do you really want to beat the heat? Here’s how you can do it in the midst of your routine hustle-bustle.

The scorching heat is taking a toll on everyone’s health across the globe. From drinking ice cold water or relishing ice cream tubs or taking a dip in the swimming pool, we have our own ways to beat the heat.

The common go-to for people in the extreme heat is a glass or bottle of cold water, right?

Drinking ice water in the summer is like playing with the fire in our gut. The moment cold water enters our system it clogs our food and converts it into toxins, which ultimately gives us poor digestion.

If ice-cold water is poison for the gut, hot water is nectar.

Speaking of water, I am a strong believer in having plain water without any additions. Wondering why?

Water is the best medicine, only if it retains its original properties. Hot water helps in the assimilation of food and quenches thirst for longer periods.

Now you might be wondering, how does one drink hot water in this climate?

To begin with, try fresh lime or detox water with a few slices of cucumber. One can also cool down the stomach with raw mango and coconut water is always there for the rescue.

People prefer drinking soda to consuming water when eating out. One can of soda increases your sugar level five times, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Soft drinks have high fructose too which harms your liver and glands in the non-alcoholic fatty liver.

People who consume regular cold drinks develop insulin resistance which lands up in diabetic conditions, PCOD and more hormonal changes. Also, soft drinks eat our tooth enamel due to high phosphoric acid and carbonic acid.

So a big no for all of the above for sure!

Coldwater increases the frequency of sinus, cold cough as well as fat in our body. Drinking cold water is only helpful if you have a heat stroke. Let’s take the old school route to have cold water; always opt for water from a pitcher rather than a fridge.

Another side effect of consuming cold water is creating a bed for the virus, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that flourish on it. Because of all these pathogens, diseases we suffer are asthma, celiac disease, tumours, cysts, influenza and many more. Ice water beat the heat

To conclude, water is the base of our survival. Drink one glass of water every hour, and keep yourself cool and hydrated. Now you know what best to do to maintain the cool quotient inside your gut.

Drinking lots of water — hot water — is the way to beat the heat.

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Dr. Nidhi Agarwal

Dr. Nidhi Agarwal is a connoisseur of the Holistic approach to propagate medicine free lifestyle since last 12 years. She is a Homeopathic physician, lifestyle & Wellness coach, relationship counselor, a holistic healer and the director of Prakash holistic health care centre. A doctor a counselor a nutritionist a healer a philanthropist and an eco-warrior.

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