Myth-squash: Proteins – How much is a lot?

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Myth-squash: Proteins – How much is a lot?

Many of us keep following the latest trends in the name of fitness fad and mighty diets and keep falling sick. Has the thought ever crossed to you why that is so? Give it a thought now before you fail to catch the bus! Customize and individualize a diet that holistically works for you and only you.

WE ARE UNIQUE and our body believes and tones in well with individualization. Does that ring a bell? In this fast-paced world where speed up is the name of the new game, complete well-nourished food has been replaced by shakes, smoothies, shots, and juices. Easy-peasy, you bet. It won’t trouble your teeth and mastication muscles because after all, they are only meant for fake smiles on social media, aren’t they?

You must have heard this from many fitness gurus – DRINK YOUR FOOD and CHEW YOUR WATER and you will be fit forever. In this fast pace world, one finds it difficult to seek the time to chew and drink. People just eat for the sake of eating. My request to all the fast pace successful people in this world is to take a minute to step back and analyze what’s needed by your body, and then answer if you’re feeding it well. Can you hear your body speaking to you? Do you listen to it?

After all, what you are earning is mainly meant to give you food. So nurture yourself and see how life changes for you, and you might turn into a superhero and get blessed with good health. Trust me, it ain’t no luxury but it is a necessity for sure!

Speaking of a superhero, let’s talk about SUPERFOOD. Every week we see one superfood come out of our kitchen, probably one that has been lying on a rack for ages, and it suddenly becomes trendy! That’s the effect of social media on our minds. We buy it as they sell it, and then we optimize our life and health goals all around it.

Protein – the latest trendy nutrient, which, once upon a time, was considered as just one of the macronutrients on our plate. It still holds the same position but what has changed is our outlook. Earlier, it was all about balanced meals, but now that’s an old-school concept and the latest are more protein, high fat, low carb diets.

Yes, I agree that protein is an essential component for building muscles, glowing skin, hair growth, and development of immune and hormonal balance. But just like how too much of anything can be harmful, excess attention to one nutrient is bad for our health. Many of us think that more protein is better. If so, then does the RDA factual of 0.8 gm protein per bodyweight hold no ground then?

Youngsters these days keep nudging me as a doctor and nutritionist to cater to them with a protein-rich diet and no carbs at all. They don’t want to put on weight, need to look fit not fat, and build six-pack abs as apparently, that’s the Holy Grail to be achieved at any cost. What about balanced diets, nutritious food charts, and holistic overall health? Or perhaps that sounds cliché and dormant to the millennials waging war against their own system.

Many of them start consuming non-veg thinking that veg food doesn’t have protein. Then I must say we should ask all vegan people – how do they stay fit? Even plant-based foods such as soybeans, wheat, lentils, nuts, and seeds have sufficient protein. Wouldn’t you agree? They are healthy, fit smiling with good health and kicking.

For a good physique and well-toned body, good quality of proteins is needed to build lean mass and not any categorization into veg or non-veg. Our never-ending desire to stay slim and fit makes us lose control of our logical brains and allow us to follow the trends blindly. We lose the game before we actually set forth on the playing field, as we start with misbalancing the balanced diet.

To support the trend we have, protein supplements in the market are considered the best source for protein. Does that mean we’re supposed to forget about all the sources of protein I’ve mentioned above? No!

Natural supplements are always better than artificial ones – believe me when I say that. Still, we become blindfolded by the words of gym trainers, nutritionists, and various institutions who believe receiving supplements will have better and faster results. Of course, Google gyaan invades our thinking too and leads us to the End Game before we can Avenge at all.

My dear readers, let’s think logically – It’s a dietary supplement and we can’t trust what we read on the labels for sure. After seeing numerous worst cases due to the overconsumption of protein supplements in my 15 years of practice, I humbly request you all to please consult a doctor before consuming any supplements blindly. Use your think tanks and put on your smart caps and read on.

Are you facing increased bowel movements, nausea, thirst, bloating, cramps, reduced appetite, tiredness, and headache? Why could this be happening to you?

The answer is over-consumption of protein supplements.

The first example is Creatine, which is a famous sports supplement helpful in increasing the water content in muscle cells. The major side effects being dehydration, weight gain, and muscle cramps, and sometimes fatal liver and kidney patients. We are playing with fire. And there is more!

Another example is whey protein that has hormones and bioactive peptides and thus, it increases sebum production and causes acne and hair loss, too. Do you know that protein can increase insulin, especially for those who consume protein supplements after workouts? Protein supplements are poisonous to people who are lactose intolerant, which is why they react to them immediately. That’s even worse!

Another most common supplement is Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) used by fitness freaks and sportsmen to increase muscle mass.

Its major side effects being mood swings, behavior disorders as it impacts our brain, and of course it contributes to heart ailments too.

Danger galore!

Many of the non-branded protein supplements may be high in sugar, calories and a few of them may even contain heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury), BPA (bisphenol A used to make plastic), pesticides, and other contaminated products.

Phew! We should consume more eggs, fish, dairy, and chicken, as well as soy proteins, nuts, and lentils that are abundantly rich in all the above-mentioned supplements rather than harming our bodies with them. Isn’t that a lot easier? Plus our ancestors are the best examples of living and loving them all with good health to vouch for.

Don’t mean your teen on protein. Be wise. Protein – yes, indeed, but not in excess amounts. The Covid series in waves of parts one and two show that too much of anything is never beneficial. Device a good nutritious diet plan and avenge your life with good food and knuckle out the fads. Don’t waste your teen and adult life being on an excess of protein.

Stay blessed, stay healthy

Stay pro teen, not protein

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Dr. Nidhi Agarwal

Dr. Nidhi Agarwal is a connoisseur of the Holistic approach to propagate medicine free lifestyle since last 12 years. She is a Homeopathic physician, lifestyle & Wellness coach, relationship counselor, a holistic healer and the director of Prakash holistic health care centre. A doctor a counselor a nutritionist a healer a philanthropist and an eco-warrior.

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