Optimus — An AI humanoid robot to be ready by September 2022

Optimus — An AI humanoid robot to be ready by September 2022

Elon Musk has said that his Artificial Intelligence (AI) humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ will be ready by September 2022.

The Tesla CEO said during an interview at Qatar Economic Forum that an Optimus prototype would be ready in three months.

While speaking at the forum, the tech genius said: “Well, I hope that we will have an interesting prototype to show people. We have a very talented team at Tesla that I’m working with closely to have a prototype humanoid robot ready by the end of September. And I think we are tracking to that point.”

The plan as per Musk was to unveil the new invention in August during a Tesla AI day; however, he recently confirmed the conference would be pushed back another month.

Musk also said he would reveal several other tech breakthroughs at the event to establish Tesla as a ‘real-world AI company.’

He said, “We have these sort of AI Day events to just emphasise that Tesla is a lot more than a car company and that we are, in my view, the leading real-world AI company that exists.”

Musk first teased the idea of his AI humanoid robot at Tesla’s conference last year during a 90-minute presentation detailing the upgrades the company is making.

The SpaceX CEO said that the robot would be able to complete tedious, repetitive tasks that no human wants to do and will ‘upend our idea of what the economy is.’

He added, “It may be hard to imagine it, but as you see Optimus develop, and we will make sure it’s safe, no Terminator stuff, it will transform the world to a degree even greater than the car.”

Source: Agencies

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