Find out why there are holes in Bic pen caps

Find out why there are holes in Bic pen caps

World: One of life’s great mysteries has finally been solved: why do biro lids have holes in them?

While some people think it’s to do with the flow of the ink, the real reason is actually much more important.

According to Bic, the hole is a key safety feature.

The pen giant’s website explains: “The reason that some BIC® pens have a hole in their cap is to prevent the cap from completely obstructing the airway if accidentally inhaled.

“This is requested by the international safety standards ISO11540, except for in cases where the cap is considered too large to be a choking hazard.”

The vital piece of info was also shared on the Instagram page Zack Films.

In a post to his account, Zack explained that companies such as Bic are required to make sure their lids have holes in to protect customers.

In his video, Zack says: “You see, it’s just enough space for airflow if the cap gets stuck in someone’s throat.”

And for many people, it was the first time they’d heard about it. Biro Pen lid hole

One user said: “Never knew why. Thanks for sharing.” Biro Pen lid hole

Some, however, weren’t quite as impressed.

“Very old news,” said one, while another commented: “Everyone knows this by now.”

If that wasn’t an information overload, we’ve got another one for you.

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