“Piche Dekho Piche” fame Ahmed Shah will be in Sharjah as “Akbar the Great”

“Piche Dekho Piche” fame Ahmed Shah will be in Sharjah as “Akbar the Great”

SHARJAH: “Piche Dekho Piche” fame Ahmed Shah is coming in a new role at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival on 15th May 2022.

Bazm-E-Urdu Dubai, Sharjah Book Authority, and Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival present the family comedy Urdu play “Akbar the Great Nahi Rahe”, Piche Dekho Piche fame, Ahmed Shah will be the part of this play.

Talking to TheBrew, play director Dr. M. Sayeed Alam informed that Ahmad Shah is playing the role in the childhood days of Mughal emperor Akbar the Great. He is working hard on his role on stage, as I am guiding him remotely from India to Pakistan. First time Ahmed Shah fans will see him in a different role apart from the television celebration and memes.  

Dr. M. Sayeed Alam added that the presence of Ahmad Shah with Pierrot’s Troupe is an effort to bring the audience and art lovers of India and Pakistan together in the UAE. This is serving the vision of the UAE government of tolerance & coexistence through art.

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Hinglish play “Akbar The Great Nahin Rahe” has every possible comic element. What happens when Akbar’s ‘greatness’ is questioned in contemporary India? He finds support in heaven from Ashoka to Alexander to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But, to redeem his name, he needs someone on earth also, that too from the world of media; a Media Moghul, precisely.    

To elaborate, this comic takes on Akbar’s Greatness and introduces the audience to a ‘Special Area’ in the other world, Greater Swarg,  meant for kings and emperors whose people call them ‘The Great’.

‘It is discovered one day that the people of his country no longer give the title of ‘Greatness’ to Akbar. This forces Akbar to vacate the ‘Greater Swarg’ and come back to earth to reclaim his title.

On his return to earth after about 420 years, Akbar meets all kinds of people quite different from the ones he left behind. From the common man to cricketers to film stars to politicians. In the process, the audience goes through a roller coaster of dramatic comedy. The play has 32 shows to its credit, performed all over India and abroad.     

Date, Time & Place: 15th May, 5:00 PM, Expo Centre Sharjah.

Tickets available at https://www.eventat.com/nahi-play

For inquiry, please call 054-4777445 or write to [email protected]

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