PS5 prompts gamers to ‘confirm version’ in latest level-up

PS5 prompts gamers to ‘confirm version’ in latest level-up

In their latest update, PlayStation has added a feature that alerts the player if the system detects a last-gen version of a game on the PS5, offering a choice to switch to the updated version. It fixes the technical issue that has struck confusion since the newest console’s launch.

Starting the PS4 version of a game on your PS5 will now prompt a dialogue box to ‘Confirm game version.’

When the PS5 first launched, various cross-generation games would default to their PS4 versions, and gamers would inadvertently play the base print of the game instead of the slick, levelled-up versions.

The console’s core competitor Microsoft’s Xbox serves a niftier fix as its ‘Smart Delivery’ system simply auto-detects, optimises, and runs the latest version for the players.

Sony generally brands its games to indicate cross-generation functionality. Prior to the update, users were walked through a number of steps to confirm their versions — a click on the ‘Options’ next to the main page to drop a menu that would show you the platform explicitly.

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