What do people order in Ramadan?

What do people order in Ramadan?

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast during the daytime, but evening feasts and donations drive up food sales, with a major impact on the meat trade in Arab countries. Food is an important part of Ramadan traditions and non-vegetarian food items are always a part of traditional delicacy.

What everyone orders during the holy month of Ramadan in Arab countries in terms of meat consumption, The Brew talked to Rick Malhotra, Finance Director at Elfab Co., a leading Dubai-based importer and distributor of premium chilled and frozen meats, frozen poultry, and seafood products for the last 40 years. Rick Malhotra said our company has been in the meat business since 1975 and It has been observed that a number of traditional Ramadan dishes have lamb and poultry as the main protein, and sales of Lamb and Poultry items increase significantly.  Correspondingly, there is a drop in the consumption of Beef and Seafood items.

Rick Malhotra added that we observed that Hotels and restaurants make changes to their menus to offer traditional Iftar dishes to their guests.  Supermarkets change their offerings to customers to meet increased demand for lamb and poultry.  Cooking traditional dishes at home often includes Lamb and Poultry.  To manage this change in consumer consumption, we have over the years adjusted our product mix accordingly.  Planning for this change in consumption patterns is critical and takes place well in advance.” 

Due to the pandemic, last year was challenging for the frozen meat market with strict restrictions in place, hotel, and restaurant closures, etc.  While the quantities of products moving in the market were comparatively less, the mix of products (Lamb and Poultry) remained the same.  

Also, there is a new trend in terms of a greater volume of online orders. There are many reasons for this new trend. People are avoiding visiting the crowded market. During the lockdown, people were unable to go out and turned to online ordering and stayed with online ordering and now consumers became more comfortable with online orderings and stayed with trusted online suppliers. 

Rick Malhotra informed that” We revamped our e-commerce platform elfabshop.com drastically in 2020 to match with the greater volume of demand online. We increased the number of items and on the parallel side worked on providing seamless delivery options to our customers. We believe that the mix of requested items (Lamb and Poultry)will remain the same this year, and are optimistic that sales will increase compared to last year.” 

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