Rubbish found on Mars by NASA Rover

Rubbish found on Mars by NASA Rover

In a turn of events, a NASA rover spotted a piece of the rubbish while roaming on Mars.

NASA recently took to Twitter to confirm that they had discovered something rather ‘unexpected.’

The statement said, “My team has spotted something unexpected: It’s a piece of a thermal blanket that they think may have come from my descent stage, the rocket-powered jet pack that set me down on landing day back in 2021.”

Although the team noted that the material was a thermal blanket, they remained confused about how it ended up on the red planet.

“That shiny bit of foil is part of a thermal blanket – a material used to control temperatures,” the statement continued.

“It’s a surprise finding this here: My descent stage crashed about 2 km away. Did this piece land here after that, or was it blown here by the wind?”

Several people have taken upon themselves to take better care of planet Earth such as Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, Bollywood celebrity Dia Mirza among others. If this rubbish has now reached Mars, what’s to say that we might soon need to have a campaign to clean it up like we’ve seen several activists do over the past decade.

About NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is America’s civil space program and the global leader in space exploration. The agency has a diverse workforce of just under 18,000 civil servants and works with many more U.S. contractors, academia, and international and commercial partners to explore, discover, and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity. NASA also leads a Moon to Mars exploration approach, which includes working with U.S. industry, international partners, and academia to develop new technology, and send science research and soon humans to explore the Moon on Artemis missions that will help prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet. In addition to those major missions, the agency shares what it learns so that its information can make life better for people worldwide.

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