See K-Pop Star Suho perform live at Dubai Festival City Mall on May 27

See K-Pop Star Suho perform live at Dubai Festival City Mall on May 27

DUBAI: Dubai Festival City Mall will see K-Pop star, Suho, who will perform live with a five-piece band at the mall’s Festival Bay.

Taking place on May 27, the concert is open to mall visitors and fans of Suho, who is well recognised as the leader of one of the world’s most accomplished music groups, EXO. With the release of his second solo EP ‘Grey Suit’, Suho will perform songs from the new mini-album for fans in Dubai.

Extending the excitement till May 28, Suho will be present at Dubai Festival City Mall as IMAGINE lights up the Festival Bay launching a new show featuring Suho’s lead single from the mini-album.  Harnessing the power of IMAGINE’s lasers, lights, and water, the debut is bound to have mallgoers mesmerised by the tune and stellar display.

With 9.9 million Instagram followers, Suho is a renowned South Korean singer, composer, actor, and one of the vocalists of the K-Pop boy group EXO. Since the release of his lead single ‘Grey Suit’ on YouTube, the video has now reached 4 million views.

Hayssam Hajjar, General Manager of Dubai Festival City Mall said, “We are excited to offer our guests performances by yet another popular artist along with a brand-new show by IMAGINE. This enthralling show by IMAGINE paired with genius musical talent demonstrates the heights of entertainment achieved at Dubai Festival City Mall, offering nothing less than the best for our guests.”

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K-Pop Star Suho live at Dubai Festival City

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