SEGA turns 60, beloved classics up-for-grabs — Golden Axed, ‘Yakuza’ Streets of Rage on list

SEGA turns 60, beloved classics up-for-grabs — Golden Axed, ‘Yakuza’ Streets of Rage on list

Japanese game developer Sega celebrates its 60 years with a release of several ‘freebie’ games on popular game-community base, Steam.

“To celebrate, we will mark each of those years with a day of exciting content to give you, our players, an insider’s look at what has made Sega what it is today,” the company said on its website.

From Oct 14 to Dec 13, gamers would be able to download mini games and unreleased prototypes to beloved series, watch interviews with developers and also get discounts on current games.

Three new titles have been unveiled, including a prototype for a cancelled Golden Axed reboot, a Yakuza/Streets of Rage 2 mash-up, and an Endless Legend-themed homage to Fantasy Zone.

The mini games, however, would only be available for a limited time and then removed from the Steam store post promotion.

Each week highlights one of Sega’s studios like Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio — known for their gritty, story-line, action-based Yakuza series, the Relic Entertainment — boasting real-time strategy worlds like Company of Heroes and Sports Interactive.

The true delight for all the kids-turned-adult gamers would be the classic platformer Sonic The Hedgehog 2, up for free-grabs till Oct 19, featuring the famous (now, live-action) blue echidna speedster.

Founded in 1960, Sega made a name for itself on the arcade scene and later boomed in the console market all through the ‘80s.

The company gained international renown with the Sega Genesis, better known in the region as the Sega Mega Drive, with the release of Sonic The Hedgehog in 1991.

The console business went bust in 2002, but Sega continues to develop its own games, with fresh franchises for strategy and action adventure, as well as newer editions of its mascot series Sonic The Hedgehog.

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