Special care package to keep them company in isolation

Special care package to keep them company in isolation

A Reddit user has shared images of the care package they received from the Japanese government while in isolation, with several people commenting in shock over how much they received. 

In several countries, one is just own their own when it comes to isolating with Covid — unless a parent or a helpful neighbour is around to drop off some essentials on the doorstep for you. 

However, it seems things could not be more different in Japan, where the government sends people huge ‘free care packages’ while they’re stuck at home, as one person found out after they tested positive for Covid. 

Posting an image of their haul on the forum site, user FriedCheeseCurdz wrote, “Japanese government sends individuals quarantining at home free, care packages! Shown is for 1 person (me) in Tokyo.” 

They added, “I got tested positive for Covid a couple of days ago. Every morning I get a phone call that requires me to update how I am feeling that day in regards to temperature, symptoms, and oxygen levels. They asked me if I wanted to stay in a hotel to which I declined since I live alone. They then asked me if I wanted food to be sent to my house, to which I agreed (it was free). This care package was not what I expected, however. I am not sure if it’s identical to what others who have tested positive in Tokyo have received.” 

The user explained further into the thread that the package included mostly instant meals like ‘Japanese curry, udon, soba noodles, and a kind of Japanese gumbo’, along with basics like coffee, water, electrolyte water, packaged fruits, beans, dried soup, instant rice and chips. 

Many people were thoroughly impressed by the amount the person had received with one asking, “If someone has a family will every member of the family get this much or will they give a special family package or something?” 

The OP then replied, “I am not sure about how it would work if there is more than one individual. This is the first time I’ve seen or witnessed this care package being a thing in Japan! Our cases have been low and we have the highest rate of vaccinations in G7 countries so there haven’t been too many people I know getting tested positive.” 

Others joined the conversation to talk about how it compared to other countries, with one writing: “I think the Korean government does the same to its citizens if I’m not mistaken.” 

Another said, “You don’t get this in the Netherlands. Here you have to ask your family or neighbours to get groceries for you. Or order it (supermarkets deliver).”

A third added, “Germany here. The same but if you have absolutely no one you can ask, Ordnungsamt (basically low-level police) will go shopping for you.” 

Referring to the efforts of footballer Marcus Rashford, a fourth joked, “In the UK we rely on a 24-year-old footy player for our meals.” 

Someone else simply said, “This is what a strong government looks like. Hella jealous OP.” 

Over on YouTube, another person revealed what was in a care package their friend had received from the government in March last year. 

Source: Agencies

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