Strict nay to New Year, Xmas gatherings warns UAE

Strict nay to New Year, Xmas gatherings warns UAE

As we sprint into the year-end celebrations, ordinarily teeming with UAE’s biggest and brashest round of festivities, the global pandemic once again rears its masked head to keep the masses in line with the government calling on people to adhere to precautions.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) released a set of guidelines in a media briefing Tuesday as friends, families and fraternities gear up for National Day, Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Private gatherings and parties are prohibited, a rule extending to celebrations at the workplace. Exchange of celebratory gifts and food items amid colleagues is also a no-go.

All public facilities are set to receive an hourly cleansing and sanitisation as per the standards set by the pertaining authorities.

Remote and virtual celebrations have been encouraged instead, with reservations to be booked in advance for approved events lasting no more than 3-4 hours. Concerts can only be after receiving the mandatory approval from officials.

Travel between the other emirates and the capital, Abu Dhabi, would entail registering all travel details at the border with local protocols to be enforced.

All details of inter-regional travel between UAE-Oman are succinctly underscored in the following line-up of tweets:

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