Suzhal – The Vortex – A satisfying original Tamil Series on Amazon Prime!

Suzhal – The Vortex – A satisfying original Tamil Series on Amazon Prime!

What does one expect from a long series before pressing the play button; a good story that keeps you gripped with memorable characters. Dwelling deeper there are two kinds of successful shows. The first kind is deeply immersive, watched at leisure & every scene is enjoyed like it’s a piece of art. The second type of shows are entertaining, but with many plot points and little time to savour them. Suzhal The Vortex Amazon Prime

As for the latter kind, “Suzhal” checks all the boxes with style. Set in a small town in Tamil Nadu, a young girl goes missing during a 9-day festival called “Mayana Kollai”. A hot-headed young inspector, Sakarrai along with a fiery senior lady inspector Regina Thomas pursue the kidnappers only to find the case getting murkier. A parallel track of a cement factory catching fire adds more characters to the plot. We are sucked into exploring the ethos of a town where characters reveal their moral ambiguities. The viewer feels he has deciphered the case only to realize the goalpost has been moved further. It becomes repetitive, but the finale quite flummoxed the detective in me. Hence, kudos to the writers (Pushkar & Gayatri of the Vikram Vedha Fame) for a decent job.

Other than a jarring soundtrack in the initial episodes, the show is worth your time. Kudos to Amazon Prime for bringing a satisfying show from the South of India to the fore. There isn’t much you can write in a whodunnit; do watch the show and let us know your thoughts!

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