Did you know there is a school in Dubai where students from 100 nationalities study together?

Did you know there is a school in Dubai where students from 100 nationalities study together?

Dubai: One of the most diverse and global education institutions in the world Swiss International School Dubai now boasts pupils from more than 100 countries.

The Al Jadaf-based school, one of only two boarding schools in Dubai, was recently ranked among the top 100 private schools in the world, beat off stiff international competition to take a global Talk Education Environment Award, and is already rising up the ranks to be named as one of the top ten schools in the UAE. Dubai school students countries

Ruth Burke, the Principal, says, “It is wonderful that we now have a student body that represents more than 100 nationalities. At the core of the school, our mission is to prepare our pupils to become 21st-century global citizens – through the excellence of the IB curriculum, and our unique bilingual classroom teaching. Dubai school students countries

“Sustainability and good citizenship are also core to the SISD family, and we believe the chance to mix with other pupils from such a diverse background will truly engender a sense of global mindedness and international empathy and understanding among our students.”

Within the 1800-pupil community, students interact with a variety of nationalities, ethnicities and religions each and every day.

As part of the Swiss-inspired ambitious educational experience, the school’s teaching team and staff are committed to supporting and nurturing all students to be their very ‘BEST’ – an acronym for SISD’s four underpinning values of Bilingualism, Excellence, Sustainability and Togetherness.

As Ruth comments: “In all we do, our pupils are collaborators, risk-takers, curious, open-minded, linguistically adept, flexible and happy people; equipped to approach learning and life with drive, kindness and consideration. Our boarding school environment supports this, and offers students the opportunity to, not only be educated amongst a diverse group of students but also to live alongside them too – a very unique and special experience, very representative of the world they will join post-education”

The diversity of pupils reflects the nature of Dubai, where more than 200 nationalities rub shoulders every day.

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