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’72 hrs’: Ethiopians teeter on edge as promised terror looms

International pressure mounted Tuesday on Ethiopia’s warring parties to cease fighting and protect civilians in Tigray, where the army says it has encircled the capital ahead of a threatened bombardment. Forces loyal to Tigray’s ruling party have been battling Ethiopian soldiers in the northern region for nearly three weeks, resulting in gruesome civilian atrocities, and […]...Read More

‘Horn of Africa’ soaked red as hundreds killed in Tigray

Leaders of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region on Saturday claimed rocket attacks on two airports in a nearby region and threatened to strike neighbouring Eritrea, raising fears that the escalating conflict could spread. The attacks — and threats of more to come — fuelled concern that a conflict Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed vowed would be […]...Read More

Ethiopian refugees flee violence, seek refuge in Sudan amidst rising

At least 30 armed Ethiopian troops and “large numbers” of refugees fleeing the fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region have crossed the border into Sudan, the state-run SUNA news agency reported, while one diplomat on Tuesday said hundreds of people have been reported killed on both sides of Ethiopia’s week-long conflict. As the African Union […]...Read More

10th November in history

‘Dr Livingstone, I presume?’ were the immortal words by Henry Morton Stanley when he encountered David Livingstone at Ujiji, near Lake Tanganyika in Central Africa, on this day in 1871. Did you know that: • Andrew Carnegie formed the Carnegie Corporation for scholarly and charitable works on this day in 1911• Walt Disney began serving […]...Read More

Tanzanian Opposition decries election ‘fraud’, rallies supporters to demand re-run

Tanzania’s two opposition parties on Saturday called on its supporters to take to the streets and demand a rerun in the wake of populist vote President John Magufuli’s election victory, which they have rejected as fraudulent. “We first call for fresh elections as soon as possible. We call for continuous, peaceful, countrywide demonstrations until our […]...Read More

Poorer, at-most-risk nations would suffer if vaccine storage proves ‘impossible’

From factory to syringe, the world’s most promising coronavirus vaccine candidates need nonstop sterile refrigeration to work. But despite great strides in equipping developing countries to maintain the vaccine “cold chain,” nearly 3 billion of the world’s 7.8 billion people live in places with insufficient temperature-controlled storage for an immunisation campaign to bring COVID-19 under control. […]...Read More

Another flag for peace as Sudan govt, rebels sign deal

Ululations and cheers rang out as one by one, representatives from the transitional government and rebel groups signed the deal, a year after the peace talks began, at a ceremony in the South Sudanese capital Juba. “Today we have reached a peace agreement. We are happy. We have finished the mission,” Tut Gatluak, head of the South Sudanese mediating […]...Read More