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Amazon opens its first in-person store in the US

SAN FRANCISCO: Amazon has opened its first physical clothing retail store in the US, now open to the public, Amazon Style’ offers customers a personalised and convenient shopping experience while creating local jobs, said the company. “Amazon is thrilled to welcome Los Angeles-area customers to shop at Amazon Style, our first-ever physical clothing store, and […]...Read More

A kitchen mop arrives in a TV box

A mother who ordered a kitchen mop on Amazon was stunned when it arrived in a box big enough for a 50-inches TV. Alison Whitehead, 58, said the £15 (AED75), 3ft metal floor cleaner was loose in the 5 feet by 2 feet 6 inches by 1 feet cardboard container. Waitress Alison said it was […]...Read More

Why is Amazon shutting down Alexa in 2022?

Last month, Amazon had announced its “difficult” decision to “retire” Alexa.com on May 1, 2022. Thankfully, Alexa.com and your friendly voice assistant Alexa, are not the same. Web fanatics would recall Alexa as a divine gift when the World Wide Web was in its infancy stage. It was founded in 1996, offering online traffic monitoring […]...Read More

‘11.11’: A row of one’s whirl in the biggest e-shopping bonanza of the year!

Consumers worldwide snapped up everything from food to electronics to beauty goods Wednesday as retailers slashed prices for the largest ‘double 11’ online shopping bonanza, closely eyed by analysts this year for deeper insight on post-pandemic consumer sentiment.  The marathon spending spree on the annual “Single’s Day” — so-called for its name-serving 11.11 date — […]...Read More