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This Day, That Year – January 3

The Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster introduced the first electric watch, The Hamilton Electric 500, on this day in 1957. Did you know that: • Leonardo da Vinci unsuccessfully tested a flying machine on this day in 1496• Oleomargarine was patented by Henry Bradley, Binghamton, on this day in 1871• Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs […]...Read More

A rare piece of Apple history is up for auction

One of Apple’s first computers is up for auction and it could sell for as much as $600,000 (AED 2 m). The Apple-1 that is going under the hammer is one of the few surviving examples of Apple’s (AAPL) first computer in the world, according to John Moran Auctioneers. The lot includes an Apple-1 “NTI” […]...Read More

iPhone ordered by EU to use USB-C cables like the

The European Commission has decided to enforce a new proposal that requires all smartphones to use USB-C, including the iPhone. Apple has always kept itself aloof from its competition by having different chargers and other accessories. The EU has, after almost a decade, decided that all mobile companies need to create standardize ports on mobile […]...Read More

August 11

The world’s first roller rink opened in Rhode Island on this day in 1866. Did you know that: • Harry S Parmelee patented sprinkler head on this day in 1874• Asaph Hall discovered Mars’s moon Deimos on this day in 1877• Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computers, was born on this day in 1950• […]...Read More

Apple yanks plug on illegal ‘student overtime’ scheme, Taiwanese suppliers

Apple has put its Taiwanese supplier Pegatron on probation after discovering last week that the company violated Apple’s code of conduct by asking student employees to work night shifts or overtime. The supplier has wilfully mis-classified student workers and falsified paperwork to disguise the violations, and in some cases also breached the code by permitting […]...Read More