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Emirates Mars Mission initial data gives insights about Martian environment

DUBAI: The Emirates Mars Mission, the first interplanetary exploration undertaken by an Arab nation recently released unique new images of Mars that challenge the existing conceptions of how the planet’s atmospheric gases behave and interact. Taken by the Mars Hope probe’s EMUS instrument, the observations show dramatic variations in the concentrations of both atomic oxygen […]...Read More

After Mars, UAE sets course for Planet Venus!

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates Space Agency announced the commencement of a new Emirati interplanetary mission, designed to further accelerate the young nation’s space engineering, scientific research, and exploration capabilities and drive innovation and opportunity in the country’s private sector. “We have set our eyes to the stars because our journey to development and progress […]...Read More

History comes further into focus via future telescopes

Telescopes are time machines. One day, they could take us to a time before starlight. When astronomers peer out into the vast distances of space, they’re also looking back in time. That’s because faraway light takes a long time to reach us.  Just as experts study fossils on Earth to understand past eras, they can […]...Read More

Perseid meteor Shower: in pictures and videos

Dubai astronomy group in collaboration with Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority organised the Perseid Meteor Showed observation event at Jabal Jaish on the 12th-13th night. More than 200 astronomy enthusiasts participated in this event, where DAG conducted multiple talk sessions about this phenomena, astrophotography, sky decoding, and observation of planets and the Moon through […]...Read More

Mleiha Archaeological Centre launches ‘Mobile Stargazing Experience’

SHARJAH – Mleiha Archaeological Centre, a tourism and leisure destination from Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), has launched a new on-the-move sky watching experience that allows people to organise and enjoy exclusive stargazing sessions at their preferred location. The new “Mobile Stargazing Experience” from Mleiha will bring the unique stargazing experience, which includes the […]...Read More

UAE Students secures top ranks in International Astronomy Olympiad

8 Students from various UAE schools secured top ranks in International Astronomy Olympiad 2021 in their respective grade results. International Astronomy Olympiad, commonly known as National Astronomy Challenge (NAC) conducted yearly by STEM & Space, India. In year 2021 more than 4000 students participated from UAE, India, Oman, Kuwait, US and Canada. Among 29 topers […]...Read More

Let’s gear up for Space-cation, first space hotel is expected

Orbital Assembly Corporation is the worlds first large scale space construction company, recently announced new details about its ambitious plan to build a hotel above the Earth’s atmosphere. The Gateway Foundation first proposed this concept in 2012, and the California company later established OAC to realize its dream of building the first commercial hotel in […]...Read More