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Final Presidential Debate 2020 Recap: Trump

Climate plan an ‘economic disaster, drafted under AOC plus three’, loss of jobs resulting in a move to defunct fracking, ‘big man’ allegation over Hunter Biden corruption scandal, 1994’s ‘racist’ Crime Bill, and dissent over ‘poor job’ in office over course of Former President Obama’s two terms — some of the incumbent Republican Donald Trump’s […]...Read More

Final Presidential Debate 2020 Recap: Biden

A path to COVID recovery, Trump’s ‘corrupted’ foreign dalliance, a critique on POTUS’s non-existent healthcare, and rampant racism — some of Democratic camp Joe Biden’s key addressals at final round of US Presidential Debate 2020, ahead of Nov. 3 Election Day....Read More

A wrap: ‘Cases, climate, and crime’ at final Presidential Debate 2020

Last week, at the campaign’s closing debates, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden took up their final stances, shelving the chaos that presided over their previous face-off in favour of a more substantive exchange that highlighted vastly different approaches to the major domestic and foreign challenges facing the nation. They fought over several […]...Read More

Cruel, divisive, and racist: Obama decries Trump effect, urging voters to ‘leave no doubt’ at 2020 polls

Former President Barack Obama blasted President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, his culpability in national discord and his overall fitness for the job on Wednesday as he made his first in-person campaign pitch for his former vice president, Joe Biden. With less than two weeks before Election Day, Obama used a drive-in campaign rally […]...Read More

Muted mics at Presidential Debate Two ‘in interest of the American people,’ says Commission

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will have their microphones muted for parts of their final debate on Thursday to allow each U.S. presidential candidate a block of uninterrupted time to speak, according to the group sponsoring the debate. The Commission on Presidential Debates, the sponsor of the televised debate in Nashville, said […]...Read More

A wrap: SCOTUS talks, ACB blocks, Harris mocks — Dems, GOP on final stretch

Republican zeal carried President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee — Amy Coney Barrett — closer to confirmation Thursday, pushing past Democratic objections and other priorities during the COVID-19 crisis. In the drive to seat her before the upcoming Nov. 3 elections, the Senate Judiciary Committee set Oct. 22 for its vote to recommend Barrett’s nomination to […]...Read More