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Lab Grown Diamond: A disruptor in the diamond market, which is changing the slogan – A diamond is for everyone

Dubai: We have been hearing this marketing campaign for “diamond is forever” for years, but this precious stone has always been away from the reach of the common man, but now that diamonds are being made in the lab, this revolutionary experiment has brought the common man closer to the diamond, now we can say […]...Read More

Region’s lab-grown diamond brand opens flagship boutique in Dubai

Dubai: Evermore’s flagship boutique is now open in the new Deira gold souk extension in Dubai. A joint venture between well-known UAE-based jewellery brand Siroya and New York-based ALTR created diamonds, a world leader in high-quality lab-grown diamonds, Evermore promises diamonds twice as big for a lot less pricewise so more size, sparkle and shine than customers […]...Read More

Eternal Happiness collection presents lab-grown sustainable diamonds

Dubai: Evermore’s summer collection, Eternal Happiness, is designed to exceed your wildest expectations! How? Their new collection is a series of exquisite necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings- each unique piece is crafted with unbridled imagination using lab-grown diamonds that deliver more size, sparkle, and shine, exceeding customer expectations. Beyond timeless classics, Evermore’s Eternal Happiness collection […]...Read More

You can now buy a Diamond-studded for your dog

Pet Corner announce its launch of “The Pet Corner Elite Club”, which will feature a premium line of pet products and accessories for the first time in the region including UAE’s first diamond and gemstone studded exquisite collars for dogs of small to medium breeds. The Haute hound collection features a bow-shaped centrepiece brooch dazzling […]...Read More

The Rock worth US$30 million is on the move

This May, “The Rock” will be making a grand entrance through the doors of Christie’s auction in Geneva. Make no mistake, it is not just any rock, but The Rock – a 228.31-carat white diamond with a presale estimate between US$20 million and US$30 million. This magnificent gemstone is the largest existing pear-shaped white diamond, […]...Read More

This Day, That Year – January 26

Hans Selye was a pioneering Hungarian-Canadian endocrinologist born on this day in 1907. He is known for his work on the hypothetical response of an organism to stress. Did you know that: • The first electric dental drill was patented by George Green on this day in 1875• The world’s largest diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan, […]...Read More