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Grisly bombing at Kabul edu-centre kills 18, leaves 57 wounded

A suicide bomber struck near an education centre in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday, killing at least 18 people in an attack claimed by the extremist Islamic State that rocked the conflict-wracked country. Violence on the ground has spiked in recent weeks despite the Taliban and the Afghan government holding peace talks in Qatar […]...Read More

Violent, neo-Nazi Greek party branded as ‘criminals’ by court, a long-awaited win for the victims

Greece’s neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn was branded a criminal organisation on Wednesday, meaning its leaders now face heavy sentences following one of the most important trials in the country’s political history. The judgement came as police and anti-fascist demonstrators clashed outside the courthouse, on the sidelines of a large protest of some 15,000 people. Reading […]...Read More

QAnon: The Who, the What, Why and How?

The increasingly visible and vocal followers of QAnon promote a bewildering blend of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, worrying everyone from Facebook to the FBI. Once on the fringes of the internet and focused on US politics, the movement has seen sharp growth on mainstream social media platforms this year, prompting tech firms to tighten controls and […]...Read More