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Fashinza aims to be the biggest sustainable and futuristic supply

Global B2B manufacturing marketplace, Fashinza, looks towards the future after stellar growth through the pandemic The lockdowns caused by the pandemic were devastating for the garment manufacturing industry. However, during this same period, Fashinza, a global B2B manufacturing marketplace, has grown by over 2000% despite Covid-19 disrupting the global apparel supply chain. Fashinza was started […]...Read More

Upcycling everyday items to make fashionwear

On Instagram or TikTok, if you’ve seen footwear made of tennis balls or a toasty bread hat with a Carhartt logo, you’ve probably spotted the handiwork of Nicole McLaughlin. Making one-off garments out of everyday products and upcycled streetwear, the Brooklyn-based designer gives each of her playful pieces a new function. Over the past two […]...Read More

In the Future, What Will We Wear? — A series

DUBAI: Charismatic Welsh fashion designer Julien Macdonald OBE delighted fashion aficionados from across the globe by participating in ‘In the Future, What Will We Wear?’, a series of talks, exhibitions, interactive digital displays, workshops, performances, and experiences at the UK Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Macdonald’s dresses have been worn by celebrities including Kylie Minogue, […]...Read More

A fashion show for the books!

To brighten a gray rainy day in Manhattan, Moschino added a dash of color and fun into their runway recently!  Jeremy Scott, the brains behind the Italian luxury label, went all out by filling the runway with bright baby blues, pastel pinks, and greens and purples. It was the must-see show at the New York […]...Read More

It’s a different kind of bag!

Balenciaga’s big Barbes East-West Shopper Bags that eerily look like carrying bags are priced between a whopping $1950 (AED 7,162) to $2090 (AED 7,676). The luxury fashion house that deals with haute couture have made waves across the internet with their new bags that could be seen to look like designer ones but could be […]...Read More

Dubai invites ‘futuristic’ vision for new Emirati dawn

Dubai Culture has launched the ‘Emirati Futurism Competition’ inviting creative talents from across the country to share their visions of the future of Emirati culture & its evolution through technology. The competition comprises seven categories including: Architecture and Urbanism; Fashion and Jewelry; Product and Industrial Design; Photography and Graphic Design; Film and Animation; Music and […]...Read More

Namita’s Natter // Why does India have a problem with

“Why don’t you wear a bra and bangles also?”“You need to come out of the closet.”“Gay.”“Start behaving like a man, try playing football.” These are just some of the (more decent) comments that India’s male influencers are bombarded with on a daily basis. Why, you ask? Because they use make-up. And this truly exposes the […]...Read More

BTS’s iconic ‘Dynamite’ costumes now on auction!

The K-pop band members of BTS are offering up their outfits from the music video of their hit single “Dynamite” to the highest bidder in a Beverly Hills, California, charity auction in January. The pink, blue, yellow and lavender pastel outfits the seven singers wore in the record-setting video are expected to fetch what Julien’s […]...Read More