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3D Artists are fixing the way hairstyles are seen in

When gamers booted up the shooter-RPG hybrid Outriders last year, only a few options for characters could possibly be considered a Black hairstyle. All of them fell under the tired tropes of minifros and dreads with the textures wrong, and patterns looked unkempt. However, when only a few years ago programmers modelled afros on cauliflowers.  […]...Read More

Gaming celebration comes to Dubai

DUBAI: Entertainment company Waverider today announced that it has joined forces with Galaxy Racer (GXR), a Dubai-based eSports organisation, to organise the inaugural edition of POPC Live! in Dubai. To be held in March 2022, the Middle East’s biggest eSports, comics, and YouTubers’ pop culture festival will feature five days of experiences and unique activities […]...Read More

Among Us: Slam that emergency button! We just got snuck

…with these sneaky back-to-backs! Innersloth’s online multiplayer Among Us — a breakout hit of 2020 — was launched on Nintendo Switch last week, a widely demanded offering for fans of the game who were ecstatic at the release.  The news, announced during a special indie game-focused Nintendo Direct, also specified that the game will feature […]...Read More

Facebook Gaming to empower Black content creators on platform

Facebook Gaming announced a new initiative this week to empower the Black communities on the platform with the inclusive ‘Black Gaming Creator Program.’ The company says it plans to pour in $10 million over the next two years to empower the streamers, who if selected, receive incentives such as the Facebook Gaming partnership, early product […]...Read More

Super Nintendo World: The ‘Mario’ scape of your dreams soon

The world’s first Super Nintendo World is set to open on the premises of the Osaka-based Universal Studios Japan in a delightful announcement that came directly from inside the park’s newly revealed Bowser Castle Monday. Executive producer Thomas Geraghty of Universal Creative — the innovation and creative arm of Universal Studios — said the opening day […]...Read More

Mash X at the Station: London Tube flashes PS5 icons

Ahead of Sony’s PS5 launch in the UK tomorrow, the signs around Oxford Circus subway station have lit up with a sight to grab every gamer’s eye. Your friendly combo-mash aid — the controller’s button icons. PlayStation UK cheered the display on as a “PS5 upgrade” to the London Underground signs a coin-toss away from the […]...Read More

Japanese gamer wows Twitter with a portable PS4-in-a-case

Last week the PlayStation 5 went on sale, compelling gamers worldwide to park themselves before their screens and launch an exploration into their newest generation of video game consoles. But while the PS5 might be the latest way to play games at home — aside from the Xbox series, that is — there’s another piece of […]...Read More