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Lush ‘Mangrove Beach’ opens in Umm Al Quwain

The “Mangrove Beach” in Khor Al Yeefrah, Umm Al Quwain, opened to visitors from around the emirates Sunday. The Department of Tourism and Antiquities of Umm Al Quwain is continuing to prepare for the official inauguration of the beach, which is the first of its kind in the emirate with aims to foster eco-tourism and […]...Read More

Bolivian forest home to 20 new species, extinct biodiversity, say

Deep within the rugged steeps of Bolivia’s Zongo Valley, at the heart of the world’s longest mountain range Andes, thrive an array of lush, well-preserved habitats. And in a stunning discovery, scientists have stumbled upon 20 new species who call these forests their home, alongside sightings of some 1,204 plants and animals thought lost to […]...Read More

In a year of losses, the Earth reaps some wins

A year of turbulence, of tragedy, a year that tested resolve and grit, that pushed nations and their people to take a knee before its overwhelming onslaught. The buckling challenges of pandemic aside, the world has been lashed with natural furies from raging wildfires devouring the Australian landscape, to shrieking hurricanes leaving a crumbling Central […]...Read More

Bawk did you say?: ‘Green’ chicken to soon hit Singapore

Lab-grown chicken will soon be available in restaurants in Singapore after the country became the first to green-light meat created without slaughtering any animals. US start-up Eat Just said Wednesday that its meat had been approved for sale in the city-state as an ingredient in chicken nuggets. The news marks a “breakthrough for the global […]...Read More

Fuel-heavy Japan set to ban petrol-run cars by 2030s

Japan wants to ban sales of new petrol cars in around 15 years’ time as part of efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, reports said Thursday. The new policy could be announced as soon as next week, building on an existing push to promote electric and hybrid vehicles, the Mainichi Shimbun said without citing […]...Read More

New Zealand set to flush out free ‘un-loaders’ at scenic

The New Zealand government promised Wednesday to take action against backpackers relieving themselves at natural beauty spots as part of post-coronavirus tourism plans. Kiwis have long complained about so-called “freedom campers” who travel the country in campervans that do not have toilet facilities and leave human waste by the side of the road. Tourism Minister […]...Read More

A flying 5G service in-works to jet around the globe

Imagine this. A speedy 5G revolution for everyone and everything across the globe, flying right above our heads. Not so much a vision, but soon to be reality, the concept has been conceived by Cambridge Consultants in collaboration with Stratospheric Platforms Limited to achieve a remarkable technical frontier. Designed with a wireless antenna, and packing […]...Read More