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Psychological tips to make life easier!

Humans can be complicated and the way our mind works is extraordinary. We think we have control over it but usually, the unconscious dictates our actions — especially when it comes to our interaction with others. Learning a few simple psychological hacks can make life a lot easier! 1. Want people to concur with your […]...Read More

Solve your sleep troubles with this hack

Having trouble sleeping at night? Here’s a simple hack that you can try, and it’s one that’s effortless. As per ‘Sleep Geek’ James Wilson, the key to sleeping quickly is making sure you’re relaxing for the hour or so before you hit the hay.  Of course, we’ve all heard this one before, but he’s got […]...Read More

Defrost your windscreen with this secret hack

TikTok seems to be the place to find all the secret hacks of the world.  Driving Test Success’ account has revealed one such hack especially for the winter which is a much easier way to de-ice your car during the cold winter months. Thankfully, Driving Test Success — the UK’s leading Theory Test revision company […]...Read More