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COVID19 cases cross the 1 million mark in UAE with the region ready for future emergencies

Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Frontline Heroes Office, said the public commitment has enabled the UAE leadership to deliver on its pandemic management strategy by following testing protocols, practising social distancing and mask-wearing, quarantining when required and committing to getting both vaccines and boosters. […]...Read More

Practise self-care with Aromatherapy

Humans are social animals; however, these social animals forget to socialize with themselves. Yes, I’m talking about self-love. Self-love is the key to a happy healthy long life. The three things that show how much you love yourself include: how much you move in a day, how many lives you’ve touched in a day and […]...Read More

A stretchy computing device feels like skin and analyses health data with brain-mimicking AI

New York: A team of US researchers have developed a flexible, stretchable computing chip that processes information by mimicking the human brain. The device, described in the journal Matter, aims to change the way health data is processed. “With this work, we’ve bridged wearable technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a powerful device […]...Read More

ZipStitch — The do-it-yourself device for closing wounds quickly on the go

In everyone’s day-to-day life, be it chopping vegetables or playing sports, minor cuts are quite common.  Deeper wounds will often require a trip to the emergency room and ultimately stitches — a painful, invasive procedure. Enter US tissue-repair device company ZipLine Medical has developed a tool called ZipStitch, which combines the convenience of plaster with […]...Read More

MoHAP launches a campaign to encourage healthy living

Sharjah: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has organised a community health event to enhance public awareness of healthy food and highlight the value of physical activity during the summer. Held under the theme “Summer with you”, the campaign is the latest in a series of awareness-raising initiatives the ministry has developed to promote […]...Read More

Hologram Doctor to serve pilgrims at Madinah Airport

Medina: Saudi Minister of Health, Fahd Al-Jalajel, launched the Holo-Doctor service, for pilgrims attending this year’s Hajj season, via Madinah Int airport. The service, which offers state-of-the-art technology was made possible through cooperation with the Saudi Telecom Company STC, allowing patients to be diagnosed by doctors from Seha Virtual Hospital SVH in the capital, Riyadh. […]...Read More

It’s flu season, learn all about it here

If you’d like to know more about the prevention and treatment of flu or when to see a doctor & seek medical care, then you would want to read this. You will also get to know the difference between common flu and the flu caused by influenza virus infection. In general, Flu means an episode […]...Read More

Aster DM Healthcare, Intel Corp, CARPL form learning-based health data platform

Dubai: Aster Innovation and Research Centre, the innovation hub of Aster DM Healthcare, has joined hands with Intel Corporation, and CARPL to announce a state-of-the-art ‘Secure Federated Learning Platform.’ This collaboration will enable the development of AI-enabled health tech solutions where data can securely reside where it is generated. The collaboration will boost innovation in […]...Read More

Study shows intermittent fasting may help heal nerve damage

London: Intermittent fasting helps change the activity of gut bacteria and increase their ability to recover from nerve damage, as per a study conducted on mice. Researchers from the Imperial College London noted how fasting led to the gut bacteria increasing production of a metabolite known as 3-Indolepropionic acid (IPA). The IPA is required for […]...Read More

WHO says Monkeypox is not a global health emergency at the moment

Geneva: The World Health Organisation said the rapid spread of monkeypox across dozens of nations does not represent a global health emergency at this time. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus described monkeypox as an evolving health threat, however, and urged governments around the world to step up surveillance, contact tracing, testing and to make sure […]...Read More