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Fabric that helps you breathe while protecting you

Most people are familiar with disposable paper masks, medical-grade masks, and even reusable fabric masks that blend in with any clothing. The use of masks has grown commonplace. Even though most masks appear to provide protection, many people do not trust the efficacy of the masks they use. Sonovia, a company that develops disruptive sono-based […]...Read More

Dubai’s ‘COVID-safe’ Global Village set to open doors

This Sunday, October 25, 2020, Dubai’s Global Village is set to reopen. It’ll also mark the seasoned destination’s 25th anniversary. Of course, in order to ensure the safety of both employees and the public, there will be strict health and safety precautions in place. Ahead of its reopening, Dubai Media Office issued a statement outlining […]...Read More

Greek doctors, masks on, off on a jog to knock

Doctors marched with their families and a few friends in Greece’s second-largest city Saturday not to protest, but to debunk misinformation about face masks circulating during the coronavirus pandemic. A few dozen people fast-walked and ran 2 kilometers through central Thessaloniki while wearing face masks and then measured their oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, finding […]...Read More