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History comes further into focus via future telescopes

Telescopes are time machines. One day, they could take us to a time before starlight. When astronomers peer out into the vast distances of space, they’re also looking back in time. That’s because faraway light takes a long time to reach us.  Just as experts study fossils on Earth to understand past eras, they can […]...Read More

NASA early day visuals you must see!

In a recent publication featured in University of Florida Press’ new book, “Picturing the Space Shuttle: The Early Years” several rare NASA images have come to life. It chronicles the shuttle program from 1965 until 1982, ending just a year into the spacecraft’s operational life. NASA’s first space shuttle was meant to be called Constitution; […]...Read More

They’ve embarked on a special flight!

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying an all-civilian brew has blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the first mission to orbit the globe. A huge fireball lightened the sky as the rocket’s nine engines began to pull away from Earth on Wednesday. After about 12 minutes later, the Dragon capsule separated […]...Read More

This one was quite a close call!

NASA keeps a keen eye on Near-earth Objects (NEO) through its Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena. Recently, the observatory-cum-laboratory traced the 1000th near-earth asteroid (NEA), named ‘2021 PJ1,’ as it passed by Earth at a distance of 1.7 million kilometres. The asteroid was so small in size making it quite a challenge for the radar […]...Read More

NASA may soon offer air taxi services!

It’s quite an exciting time for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Following the successful retrieval of a sample of rock from Mars, they’ve now begun testing eVTOL aircraft as part of its Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign. It will continue till September 10, 2021, at Joby’s Electric Flight Base in California. They […]...Read More

A piece of rock that could tell stories!

After last month’s empty attempt, NASA’s Mars rover may have successfully gathered its first rock sample.  Adam Steltzner, the Mars rover Perseverance rover’s chief engineer, called it a perfect core sample. “I’ve never been happier to see a hole in a rock,” he tweeted on Thursday. However, NASA later stated that it was waiting for […]...Read More


NASA amazes once again

NASA ceases to amaze the world with visuals that are truly out of this world. Recently, NASA shared a video of cosmic rose that is a must-see and has been received so positively on the internet.  NASA’s Instagram account @Instahubble shared the video where two galaxies creating a breathtaking visual as they intertwine with each […]...Read More

Cosmic Jaunt- One of the largest STEM & Space summer

STEM and Space, a premier educational organisation based in India, recently concluded a one-of-a-kind space-based summer camp called ‘Cosmic Jaunt’, for students from over India and UAE. Cosmic Jaunt is a 5-day camp, which addresses a different concept of STEM every day, through hands-on and does it Yourself activities which encouraged investigative learning. In UAE […]...Read More

Aliens hunting furniture at IKEA?

While the world is still debating on the existence of aliens, some are getting ready to welcome them to earth in their own unique way. IKEA UAE has posted a brilliant creative campaign on their Instagram page that welcomes aliens as their customers. Their creative agency has designed a typical IKEA furniture-assembly manual that illustrates […]...Read More

Tide gives NASA a hand to clean dirty laundry in

As luck would have it, it will soon be possible for astronauts to wash their clothes in space. Tide® has joined hands with NASA to develop unique laundry detergent solutions to be used by astronauts in space. According to research, astronauts cannot carry loads of clothes for their prolonged stay in space. Since water is […]...Read More