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Thar – A Decent Attempt at Neo-Western

I wonder at what point in the script narration did Harshavardhan Kapoor decide to act and produce the film. Was putting the dry, arid yet beautiful landscape on-screen the motivation behind the decision. Was playing the dark, brooding angry young man that we watched Amitabh Bacchan play to perfection in the early 1970’s the reason. […]...Read More

The Squid Game finds its way to the Expo 2020 Dubai!

A real-life Squid Game was held earlier this week, it looked incredible — and much less deadly.  The event was held recently at the Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) in the United Arab Emirates and featured a number of games from the South Korean Netflix series, which sees indebted citizens compete in a series of children’s […]...Read More

Grim ‘Tiger King’ tale prompts big cat safety bill in US

The United States voted Thursday to ban the keeping of big cats as pets, following the grievous light the controversial Netflix documentary Tiger King threw on the issue early 2020, sparking escalating concerns. The Big Cat Public Safety Act, as it has been termed, was passed in the House of Representatives 272 to 114, reeling […]...Read More

Netflix hit ‘Queen’s Gambit’ stirs chess craze worldwide

Hit miniseries “The Queen’s Gambit” has led to a surge of interest in chess, with one popular website registering millions of new players and academies reporting unprecedented demand. Netflix said the show, which follows the turbulent career of a fictional female child prodigy in the 1950s and 1960s, has become its most-watched ever and is […]...Read More