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Gotta re-order the Aadhaar? No fret, just hop online!

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UADAI) has inaugurated a new “Order Aadhaar Card” service which allows residents to issue their Aadhaar letter reprint by paying nominal charges of Rs. 50, in the event that the holder’s Aadhaar letter has been lost, misplaced or if they want a new copy.  Residents without a mobile number […]...Read More

UAE boosts Golden Residency, set to roll out decade-long stays

ABU DHABI — The UAE Cabinet has announced major changes in the Golden Residency programme aimed at attracting and retaining experts and talented professionals from various fields and scientific disciplines. The changes will take place starting from 1st December, 2020. The UAE Golden Residency, a ten-year residency visa, will be granted to residents with PhD […]...Read More

Against the Tide // What Indians & Pakistanis in UAE

There is something much more precious than petro dollars that Indians and Pakistanis living in UAE can send back home. It’s tolerance. The two nationalities form the biggest chunk of population in the Emirates. They enjoy the fruit of multi-culturalism and pluralism, but sadly their countries have moved far from these ideals. UAE has eternalized […]...Read More