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Revolutionising take-out deliveries like never before!

MICHIGAN: Robot food delivery is no longer the stuff of science fiction. But you may not see it in your neighborhood anytime soon. Hundreds of little robots —  knee-high and able to hold around four large pizzas —  are now navigating college campuses and even some city sidewalks in the U.S., the U.K., and elsewhere. […]...Read More

Mapping remote areas of the ocean is now being outsourced

For centuries, humans have explored the Earth’s mountains, jungles, and deserts. But despite covering more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, the ocean is still a relative mystery. Underwater robotic vehicles equipped with sensors are helping gather that data quicker and more cheaply than ever before. But many of these vehicles rely on batteries with […]...Read More

UAE hospital enlists ‘robot surgeons’ in a new AI-meets-health initiative

UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) on Sunday announced that Al Qassimi Women’s & Children’s Hospital have successfully performed three operations for uterine prolapse using the da Vinci robotic surgical system. A first-of-its-kind achievement in the UAE, it underpins the successes of the robotic surgery programme in gynaecology, developed by the MoHAP, making it […]...Read More

UAE Special Olympics 2020 to crank up on ‘Robotics Ed’ for 8-and-above

Special Olympics UAE announced today the launch of Unified Robotics 2020; its STEM-based enrichment program that brings together children of all abilities to work together in Unified teams on robotics via a purpose-built gamified platform. Registration is open for Unified Robotics 2020 and teams can register through this link: http://unifiedrobotics.org/register/ Unified Robotics targets neurodiverse children […]...Read More

Japan’s bright red ‘post-box-on-wheels’ takes a turn around Tokyo streets

In an age of rising demands for contact-free, human-less services, Japan Post Co. unveiled on Wednesday a self-driving mail delivery robot to address the citizens postal needs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Designed with built-in cameras and sensors, the bright red, trolley-sized robot wheeled down Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, dodging people on the sidewalks, utility poles in […]...Read More