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70% of professionals consider a career switch due to the lack of flexibility: LinkedIn

DUBAI: New research by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has highlighted a potential impending ‘flexidus’ amongst professionals in the UAE and KSA workforce. The research surveyed 504 hiring managers and 1,006 employees in the region and found that a staggering 70% of employees have considered leaving (or have left) their role because of lack of flexibility, despite 97% of hiring […]...Read More

This family’s pet will shock you too

An Australian family has made a highly feared eight-legged creature their domesticated pet. Summer Stolarcyk took to social media to display the spider residing at the Gray family home for the past year. She wrote, “Her name is Charlotte, (huntsman spider) she’s a welcomed member of the Gray family in Australia, Charlotte loves going from […]...Read More

A must watch conversation with Mahdi Shafiei, a leading content creator from UAE

While the long conversation with TheBrew.ae, Mahdi Shafiei talked about the new genre of marketing, the social media approach toward brands and society, the future of social media platforms, influencer marketing and his advice to viewers “not to watch the social media”.  Play here to watch the full conversation.    Mahdi Shafiei is the founder […]...Read More

A cloud that’s been confusing everyone

In England, some people were left scratching their heads as they looked to the skies. Residents living in North East Lincolnshire were left speechless at what they were seeing when an odd-shaped cloud loomed above them recently. Several people took to social media to share photos of the fluffy white mushroom, which lingered in the […]...Read More

Go take a break… says Instagram

We’ve all done it. Opened Instagram or any other social media app installed in your phone with the intent of scrolling through a few posts with photographs or videos. Before you realize it, hours fly by, and we have no idea what we started with in the first place. Take a Break, Instagram’s newest feature, […]...Read More

A quirky job application!

A man who was let go decided to create a TikTok job application has now had so many offers that he’s having to turn companies away. You can see his inventive job-seeking idea below — honestly, the production values are great. Jay Beech was working happily in marketing until recently the company he was working […]...Read More

Meet a digital artist whose silence is louder than ever!

When Italy first went into a coronavirus lockdown last year, Khabane Lame lost his job and in the last 18 months things have really taken off for him digitally.   He spent his days indoors at his home in Chivasso with his three siblings, looking for other jobs. One day, he downloaded TikTok and started tinkering […]...Read More