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She’s an extraordinary granny!

Meet Pauline “Granny” Kana, a 95-year-old who has been making people laugh online with her hilarious antics for years now. It all started in 2013 while her grandson Ross Smith was still at the University of Dayton. Smith was just playing basketball with his grandmother having fun that he recorded and realized that it would […]...Read More

My Fall plans vs Delta variant!

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to destroy not only the lives but also the social lives of millions around the world. Although things may look quite bleak at the moment, Twitter users have turned their worry into humor by flooding the social media platform with “My Fall plans vs Delta variant” memes to illustrate the things […]...Read More

Aliens hunting furniture at IKEA?

While the world is still debating on the existence of aliens, some are getting ready to welcome them to earth in their own unique way. IKEA UAE has posted a brilliant creative campaign on their Instagram page that welcomes aliens as their customers. Their creative agency has designed a typical IKEA furniture-assembly manual that illustrates […]...Read More

Horrific pro-Trump ‘coup’ at US Capitol spurs Twitter, FB to

Social media giants rose as one Wednesday to collectively bar U.S President Donald Trump’s incendiary speech on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the wake of the armed ‘supporter’ riots that stunned the country as lawmakers moved ahead to affirm President-elect Biden’s electoral win at the country’s Capitol. Hundreds of pro-Trump protesters pushed through barriers set […]...Read More

Twitter stamps new “!” across Trump’s ‘win’ tweets

Twitter has officially joined the bandwagon that call out U.S. President Donald Trump on his misleading and faux election win claims. “Election officials have certified Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. Presidential election”, it says reeling the incumbent in check even as he refuses to do so himself. In this latest update to […]...Read More

#YouTubeDOWN blows up on Twitter as platform hit with global

YouTube suffered a major a outage Monday as users took to Twitter alerting the platform, who instantly responded with: Citing a “problem with the server” the app refused to load with users complaining that all Google services were down, including the Drive and Gmail. The hashtag #YouTubeDOWN is now trending on Twitter with some 102K […]...Read More

‘American Gods’ author knits a warm call for forgotten Syrian

The bitter plight of Syrian refugees continues to be shadowed by the pandemic-tainted pitfalls of the year, but fantasy storyteller Niel Gaiman has sought to remind people that their misery should not be forgotten as the weather takes a biting turn. The award-winning author on Tuesday helped launch the UN refugee programme’s cold weather appeal, […]...Read More

Facebook Gaming to empower Black content creators on platform

Facebook Gaming announced a new initiative this week to empower the Black communities on the platform with the inclusive ‘Black Gaming Creator Program.’ The company says it plans to pour in $10 million over the next two years to empower the streamers, who if selected, receive incentives such as the Facebook Gaming partnership, early product […]...Read More