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A festival that is doing a lot more than just

BANGKOK: Thais flocked to rivers and lakes earlier this week released small floats adorned with flowers and candles in an annual festival honouring the goddess of water, with thousands of the tiny boats ending up clogging and polluting the country’s waterways. Within hours, workers began trawling the rivers to fish out the offerings, as paying […]...Read More

Utilizing idled cabs to make a point!

Thailand taxi fleets are giving new meaning to the term “rooftop garden,” as they employ the roofs of cabs that went out of commission by the COVID19 crisis to serve as small vegetable plots. Drivers from two taxi cooperatives gathered the miniature gardens recently using black plastic garbage bags stretched across bamboo frames. The ultimate […]...Read More

Waste turns valuable!

With more plastic than personal protective equipment (PPE), Thailand is turning discarded bottles into protective clothing to be used in the fight against COVID-19.  They take millions of plastic bottles, shred them, and then turn them into threads used to weave into fabrics that are eventually used to create PPEs.  As the pandemic continues to […]...Read More

Viral Video: Giant monitor lizard on a shopping spree

A viral video heating up the internet shows a huge Asian water monitor lizard in a 7-Eleven supermarket in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. The terrifying video was uploaded on Facebook and promptly reposted by netizens. The clip shows the monster lizard scaling a shelf and knocking off cartons. Fortunately, the reptile did not pose […]...Read More

‘Not scared one bit’: Thai youths among group charged with

Two prominent student leaders numbered among the 12 Thai pro-democracy heads summoned by police to answer charges of royal defamation, in the first use of the draconian law in almost three years. The decision comes as Bangkok gears up for another major rally despite Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha’s orders last week to lay lese majeste […]...Read More

Paint drips off Thai police HQ walls, protests heat as

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered security agencies on Thursday to crack down on pro-democracy protestors, days after police used tear gas and water cannons at a Bangkok rally. The country has been rocked since July by youth-led protests demanding a new constitution, unprecedented calls to reform the untouchable monarchy, and for Prayut to resign. […]...Read More

Anger and paint to fling at the royals: Thai protestors

Thai police scuffled with paint-throwing protesters and arrested at least 21 of them before a royal motorcade passed by on Tuesday, drawing chants of “release our friends” as King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s convoy swept past. Such open dissent towards the monarchy has no recent precedent in Thailand, and came on the eve of the latest planned […]...Read More