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Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) part of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism)  to further Dubai’s position as one of the world’s leading sustainable tourism destinations, launches ‘Get into the Green Scene’. The initiative is aimed at Dubai residents and visitors to raise awareness of the city’s sustainable attractions and highlight the ease […]...Read More

Manatee with “Trump” carved on back found in Florida river

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has opened an investigation into the cruel harassment of a manatee found in a Florida river with the word “Trump” scratched on its back. The West Indian manatee, a species classified as “threatened” under U.S. wildlife protection laws, was found on Sunday in the headwaters of the Homosassa River […]...Read More

Bolivian forest home to 20 new species, extinct biodiversity, say

Deep within the rugged steeps of Bolivia’s Zongo Valley, at the heart of the world’s longest mountain range Andes, thrive an array of lush, well-preserved habitats. And in a stunning discovery, scientists have stumbled upon 20 new species who call these forests their home, alongside sightings of some 1,204 plants and animals thought lost to […]...Read More

In a year of losses, the Earth reaps some wins

A year of turbulence, of tragedy, a year that tested resolve and grit, that pushed nations and their people to take a knee before its overwhelming onslaught. The buckling challenges of pandemic aside, the world has been lashed with natural furies from raging wildfires devouring the Australian landscape, to shrieking hurricanes leaving a crumbling Central […]...Read More

Grim ‘Tiger King’ tale prompts big cat safety bill in

The United States voted Thursday to ban the keeping of big cats as pets, following the grievous light the controversial Netflix documentary Tiger King threw on the issue early 2020, sparking escalating concerns. The Big Cat Public Safety Act, as it has been termed, was passed in the House of Representatives 272 to 114, reeling […]...Read More