Taiwan – The Cycling Capital of Asia

Taiwan – The Cycling Capital of Asia

Reconnecting with family and friends is the type of travel that has grown most in importance over the pandemic with people prioritizing new, outdoorsy destinations over the familiar and urban environments to make meaningful travel memories.

Taiwan – known for the best response globally in dealing with the pandemic boasts amazing cycling routes. Popularly known for its night markets, hot springs resorts, lush forests and steep mountains, this hidden gem of the country is a paradise for cyclists. The bike network sprawls over 5,000 kilometers with trails along the coastal roads, metropolitan cities, and the mountains. Taiwan’s pristine nature and bike paths are waiting for travelers across the world to experience.

Taiwan has many world-class trails, especially cycling on the east coast. With most of Taiwan’s population living on the west side of the island, the east coast offers an abundance of nature and scenery. Seaside cliffs, farmland, and mountains are only a few of the wonders that travelers can spot. The most favored stretch to cycle in the valley stretches from Hualien to Taitung.

The cycling trend in Taiwan began decades ago with Taiwanese manufacturers GIANT and Merida, which became popular for being the largest suppliers of cycles worldwide. People in Taiwan began to look at cycling beyond transportation but also as a sporting leisure activity.

This year the theme of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is to promote cycling tourism as “Taiwan on 2 wheels. Read more information on the website – https://www.taiwanon2wheels.com

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau organizes the “Taiwan Cycling Festival” annually which attracts cyclists from different countries. The festival is designed to encourage more people to participate in cycling along with promoting the attractions of Taiwan. “Formosa 900” circuit is a popular circuit at the festival. The riders cover a total of 900 kilometers cycling through the various landscapes of Taiwan.

As people were confined to their homes the past year, we are sure most travelers are looking to opt for outdoor activities like biking. The Heart of Asia offers loads of fun outdoor activities that one can easily escape into nature.

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