talabat launches electric bikes pilot program in Dubai

talabat launches electric bikes pilot program in Dubai

Dubai: talabat and Motoboy Delivery Services (Motoboy) have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pilot electric delivery bikes in Dubai. The pilot is aimed at the performance of electric bikes in real-world delivery scenarios.

Through the MOU and initial pilot, talabat is exploring alternative delivery solutions, highlighting its commitment and ambition toward a more sustainable ecosystem for the MENA region. The pilot also builds on talabat’s commitment to the UAE Net-Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative, promoting dynamic economic growth alongside positive environmental impact.

Tatiana Rahal, Managing Director at talabat UAE, “As the UAE continues to see an increased demand for convenience and reliance on delivery, our responsibility to the region is to drive positive change for the communities that we operate in. Our collaboration with Motoboy is a good first step, as we explore sustainable modes of delivery, however, we understand that we have a long journey ahead to create a more sustainable delivery ecosystem. We’re optimistic about the massive potential that electric vehicles have to redefine the last-mile delivery industry.  ”  

In recent years, talabat has increased its sustainability initiatives. Earlier in 2022, the company participated as founding partner in the Dubai Can sustainability initiative with 20 water refill stations across Dubai to provide its riders and the community with access to free, chilled water and reduce the use of single-use plastic. In July 2021, talabat announced the launch of its Sustainable Packaging Program pilot in the UAE, aimed at reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions. talabat pilot launch electric bike talabat pilot launch electric bike

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