Thai uniforms take on a creative, rebellious edge to defy orderly norms

Thai uniforms take on a creative, rebellious edge to defy orderly norms

Thai classroom have traditionally been a world of obedience, order and over-zeal. 

Showing defiance or rebelling against the strictly imposed haircuts, skirts hems, right down to the length of your socks, is akin to throwing a wrench in the system.

And that’s the idea, according to young designer Tin Tunsopon, who engineered the typical ‘sailor-forms’ into a ruffled, asymmetric, huge collared extravagance.

As students around the country are ditching the archaic and outdated mold to join a broader pro-democracy movement, these designs have been threaded together to embody the free-spirited creativity that they crave. 

“By re-creating these uniforms and giving them various designs…people can see that we should no longer be attached to the (traditional) uniforms anymore,” 23-year-old Tin told Reuters.

Labelled aptly as ‘rule breakers,’ the clothing line was launched in hands with the Wacoal lingerie brand in June with price-tags ranging from $100 to $475, for a long pleat skirt with a big bow.

Tin boasts the designs for “modern day girls, who are not afraid to express themselves and move with confidence”.

“The uniforms break away from the traditional forms, although still resembles a uniform … I want to support kids to be as creative as they can,” said Tin.

Tin has named his label ‘Post-Thesis’, a nod to his graduation project at Bangkok University, where he examined the purpose of uniforms and how they can be changed.

This ‘breakaway’ streak sweeping through Thai high schools has been dubbed “Bad Student” by its leaders.

Students have worn white ribbons, publicly hacked off their hair and made “Hunger Games” salutes in a bid to shake up the country’s rigid education system.

[Sourced from Agencies]

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