The must-see exhibit at the Egyptian pavilion Expo 2020!

The must-see exhibit at the Egyptian pavilion Expo 2020!

DUBAI: The archaeological coffin of ancient Egyptian priest Psamtik, Son of Pediosir has arrived at the Egyptian pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

The coffin will be displayed at the Expo for six months.

The Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry said that it’s a wood-colored coffin that was discovered in the Saqqara Antiquities Area, adding that it is an anthropoid (human-shaped) coffin decorated with a large floral collar ending with two falcon heads.

Beneath this, the sky goddess Nut spreads her wings and holds a feather in each hand, the symbol of Maat (right and justice). The central section is inscribed with offerings and speeches of deities flanked by two rows of gods. At the bottom, two figures of the god Anubis are placed on his shrine in front of the deceased.

A collection of modern replicas of King Tutankhamun have also arrived to be displayed at the Egypt Pavilion.

The collection of King Tutankhamun replicas include his golden mask, his sarcophagus, the ‘Ka’ guardian statue of the king, the special festive chair as well as the golden king’s throne.


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