The price of this jackfruit will shock you

The price of this jackfruit will shock you

A jackfruit has gone viral on Twitter because of its shocking price tag of £160 (AED787).

The photo of the jackfruit in question has been shared over 100,000 times and has gone viral in Senra’s home country, Brazil.

The price has shocked Twitter users, with many joking they would fly to Britain to become ‘multi-millionaires’ by selling jackfruits.

In Brazil, fresh jackfruits can be found for just $1.10 (AED4), and are just as affordable in many other tropical countries. In some places, they can even be picked off trees for free and in Brazil, a huge amount of jackfruits are even left to rot in the street.

Sabrina Sartori, CEO of Estancia das Frutas, an orchard that houses 3,000 fruit species in Sao Paulo state, said that ‘even in Brazil, the price of jackfruit varies,’ continuing that in some places it can be easily sourced for free while in others it can actually be quite expensive.

As jackfruit is unable to grow in the colder climate of the UK, it has to be imported from elsewhere – hence explaining why it can be more expensive than other fruits.

However, this isn’t the only reason for these costs as the international trade of jackfruit is quite risky, experts say, due to its perishable nature, seasonality and volume.

Source: Agencies 

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