This family’s pet will shock you too

This family’s pet will shock you too

An Australian family has made a highly feared eight-legged creature their domesticated pet.

Summer Stolarcyk took to social media to display the spider residing at the Gray family home for the past year.

She wrote, “Her name is Charlotte, (huntsman spider) she’s a welcomed member of the Gray family in Australia, Charlotte loves going from room to room eating bugs n stuff. PS: she’s still growing. More of this please embrace the 8 legged angels. Of course, this sent users into a frenzy, with many horrified by the sight of the huntsman casually roaming around the property.

Homeowner Jake Gray said that he’s been watching the insect grow for the past year and hopes she gets ‘even bigger.’

He also revealed he named the pet spider ‘Charlotte’ to make her appear more friendly to his children, Jack and Bella, who were initially scared of the creature living in their home.

The father of two said they ‘spotted’ Charlotte a year ago, and seeing her eat an ‘Asian house gecko was a highlight’.

Source: Agencies

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