UAE real estate developer enters into Mauritius market

UAE real estate developer enters into Mauritius market

Dubai: Danube Home International, the global franchise division of interior décor and home improvement division of Danube Group signed a master franchise agreement with Hyvec Group, a major business group based in Mauritius, to expand Danube Home in the Republic of Mauritius – a great tourism destination in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius is an archipelago of islands in the Southern Indian Ocean, around 900 kilometres east of Madagascar. The archipelago host 1.37 million people – mostly living in the 1,864 square kilometres main island of Mauritius. However, the island attracts more than 1.3 million tourists annually – making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Indian Ocean.

Hyvec Group plans to open three franchise stores in the next one year in Mauritius – including a large-format showroom spreading across 50,000 square feet – that will not only cater to residents by tourists as well. The first showroom is expected to be opened in November this year.

The expansion of Danube Home into Mauritius market comes as the total value of th global home decor market grows at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9 percent to US$838.6 billion in 2027 from $616.6 billion in 2019, according to Allied Market Research, a global market intelligence provider.

Danube Home International’s expansion in Mauritius comes a few months after its foray into Nepal and Bangladesh, making it one of the fastest-growing home décor businesses in the Middle East.

“Our global expansion means we will export more home décor products to the rest of the world from the UAE that will not only boost UAE’s export and re-export but also will help the UAE economy grow further,” Adel Sajan, Group Managing Director of Danube Home, says. “This will also further strengthen the economic relations between the UAE and Mauritius and we are proud to play a small role in this.

“This also demonstrates our group strength in expanding at a very challenging time when global economic growth forecast comes with inflationary pressures. However, we have learnt to convert challenges into opportunities and have continued our growth journey amid challenging environment. 

“Our partnership with Hyvec and expansion into Mauritius will help offer a wider choice to the consumers of the Indian Ocean-island nation and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

With more than 25,000 types of home décor and furnishing products under one roof, Danube Home is ranked among the top retailers in the Gulf Region, which has been growing at an average of 25 percent growth rate since 2011. It is expanding fast worldwide through organic growth, investment and through franchise partnership.

Danube Home is currently present across 12 countries including UAE, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Rwanda, Uganda, Nepal, Sudan, Nigeria and India. The company is planning to open 8 showrooms across the globe – including two in India, one each in Abu Dhabi, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Zambia, Senegal.

It has six stores in the UAE, seven in Oman, three in Rwanda, one each in Bahrain, Qatar, India and Uganda.

Hyvec Group is the franchisee partner of renowned global brands in Mauritius, including Burger King, Armani, Gant, Tommy Hilfigar, Ralph Lauren, Kelvin Klein and Mont Blanc, etc. The company has years of experience in managing franchise business of global brands. 

Ehsan Chady, Chairman of Hyvec Group, said, “Danube Home is another feather in our cap and we are proud to be bring this prestigious global name to Mauritius – that will offer a wide choice in furnishing and home décor to our clients. Danube Home has a wide collection of products to the extent of 25,000 types of products – which gives the customers the widest choice in furnishing and home décor sector. 

“Our consumers will be very delighted to find all types of home décor products under one roof in Mauritius. We have a robust growth plan for Danube Home in Mauritius. We look forward to a very fruitful partnership with Danube Group to develop the brand in our country further.”

Danube Home, the retail wing of Danube Group, is a ‘One-Stop Solution’ for all home furnishing and home improvement needs. Danube Group, founded by a visionary business leader Rizwan Sajan in 1993, has now transformed into one of the largest building materials company in the Middle East. 

Danube Home, part of Danube Group, has a strong and ever-growing presence not only in the Middle East but across Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Danube Home showcases exceptional craftsmanship and design into their exclusive and extensive collection of products which are sourced from 23 countries across the globe including Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia to name a few. 

Sayed Habib, Director of Danube Home E-Commerce and Franchise, says, “Mauritius is an important market for Danube Home and its presence will help our brand visibility into not only a new territory, but due to the arrival of international tourists, our products and brand image will also expand to many other countries.

“Through our partnership with Hyvec Group, we plan to serve a growing number of consumers and give them a better value with new and innovative space-saving home décor that will give them more livable space per square feet.”

Danube Group Mauritius Market Danube Group Mauritius Market Danube Group Mauritius Market

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