UAE’s first multi-sensory gallery opened in Dubai

UAE’s first multi-sensory gallery opened in Dubai

Dubai: A play on senses, Area Beige opens as Dubai’s first luxury sensory gallery curated by well-known creative Emirati trio – Mohammad Badri, Issa Al Nuaimi, Noora Al Awar and other partners.

Located at Al Wasl, the studio offers a unique experience engaging the senses in a contemporary environment. It features three creative disciplines dedicated to exploring an eclectic and bespoke collection of
on one platform.

Area Beige brings a first-of-its-kind multi-sensory concept to include:

● Perfume: Led by Perfumer Mohammad Badri – featuring an olfactory journey, showcasing the creativity of fine and niche fragrances by local and international perfumers. It will also showcase a fully functioning perfume lab offering beautifully crafted scents in the future.

● Art: Led by artist Issa Al Nuaimi (aka Issa Black), will feature mixed-media work (Painting, Sculpture, Digital, Photography, etc.) bridging a gap between tradition and modern culture and art. It will also provide a platform to empower other local talent and artists as well.

● Design: Led by architects and designers Noora Al Awar, Fatima Al Zaabi and Afnan Amin, this section will offer consultancy and innovative interior design concepts for both residential and commercial spaces.

Mohammad Badri, Co-founder said, “Fragrance composition is sort of an artistic expression, as perfumers use olfactory notes to compose a fragrance. Area Beige brings a new concept bringing perfect harmony between perfume, art, and design in one store – engaging the senses to create an immersive experience and an unforgettable memory.”

Noora Al Awar, Co-founder, of Studio D04 said, “Area Beige is designed to create a dialogue between perfume, architecture, design, and art – intersecting from one area to another forming a multi-sensory trail. Our Design Studio will bring an artistic dimension to interiors offering exceptional, innovative, and high-end services for both residential and commercial spaces.” Dubai first multi sensory gallery Dubai first multi sensory gallery

Issa Al Nuaimi, Co-founder said, “Each section offers a unique experience engaging our senses as well as our imagination. Our Art section will offer a spectrum of mixed media art and novelty items that are either quirky, modern, or traditional.”

The name Area Beige denotes a blank canvas with the intent to blur the boundaries between perfume, art/sculpture, and design/architecture highlighting a natural connection for customers. It will also offer an accessible, communal, and collaborative space to support local/ international artists and designers – bringing a new genre of creators, innovators, and thought leaders to gather and connect.

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