Upcycle your old furniture to help children in Malawi

Upcycle your old furniture to help children in Malawi

DUBAI: Thrift for Good has now partnered with Think Upcycle to offer the ideal solution for furniture! Anyone can contact Think Upcycle for a free collection. They will then upcycle them into unique, affordable, and environmentally furniture and sell the items in their shop in Ajman or on their platform. What is more, Think Upcycle will generously contribute 20% of the sales price for referred items to Thrift for Good’s children’s charity project.

“A partnership between Think Upcycle and Thrift for Good creates a new opportunity for UAE residents to help global community initiatives simply by decluttering,” said Nadeem Khan, Founder of Think Upcycle.

The current project is to purchase the “Sparkle Farm”, land which will be used to secure two daily meals for children in Malawi, lowering the Sparkle Foundation’s food costs. Also, the land will be built into the curriculum for the children in their care, so farming can be learned as a life skill – a staple in the Malawian economy and workforce.

“Following on the incredible need for a sustainable solution for preloved furniture in the UAE, we are proud to partner with Think Upcycle to further our joint mission of sustainability. What is more, the funds raised from this initiative will go a long way to help children in need around the world,”  Jennifer Sault, Founder of Thrift for Good. Upcycle your old furniture to help children

How can people contribute their preloved furniture?
1. There are three methods to contact Think Upcycle: Visit https://yallajunkit.com/#form or contact Think Upcycle at 04 204 9292 or +971585927522 via WhatsApp.
2. Mention Thrift for Good as a benefactor.
3. Customer service will walk you through the next steps to share the image for additional review.
4. Free collection takes place on a mutually agreed-upon date.

You can also shop upcycled furniture through Think Upcycle’s platform. Use the code TFG5OFF to get a 5% discount and donate 10% of the sales price to Thrift for Good!

For more information, follow Thrift For Good on its Instagram page @thriftforgood or to indulge in a little charitable shopping, visit https://thriftforgood.org

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