Video: Military Drill of UAE Armed Forces – ‘Joint Emirates Shield / 50’ continues

ABU DHABI: The ‘Joint Emirates Shield / 50’ military drill, launched by the Ministry of Defence on January 8th, continued today west of the Maritime Theater of the UAE.

The exercise, which will continue until January 14, is part of a series of operational drills slated for 2022 and aims to boost the combat readiness of the UAE Armed Forces’ major units.

The third day of the exercise today saw simultaneous and successive large-scale air-borne transportation operations for ground and Presidential Guard forces toward set targets. Logistics operations were carried out to support the transported forces.

The organisation of the “Joint Emirates Shield / 50” is aimed to consolidate the combat readiness of the UAE Armed Forces’ to defend the land, naval and air borders of the UAE against any dangers or future challenges under all circumstances and at all times.


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