Visit the ADIHEX 2022 to see the latest in weapons

Visit the ADIHEX 2022 to see the latest in weapons

Abu Dhabi: Tasleeh Group participates in this year’s Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX), showcasing world-class and latest weapons like firearms, airsoft, and airguns.

This year, it comes with three stands: first is the Tasleeh Stand, exhibiting well-known firearms from one of their Italian partner, Fratelli Tanfoglio. They display Tanfoglio’s automatic rifle lines, and well-known pistol firearms from the line of defence, in sports, and even in the military.

The second stand is the Tasleeh Tactical Stand, which includes premium airsoft, and airguns from Carl Walther GMBH, a premium firearm and airgun manufacturer from Germany, Umarex GMBH displays their highly demanded licensed airsoft lines manufactured also in Germany, and G&G Armament from Taiwan showcases their airsoft items and accessories, Cybergun from France, shows their licensed airsoft lines and Norica from Spain also has some airgun items in this stand.

The third stand would be the Tasleeh Shooting Range, featuring six airsoft shooting lanes with advanced software that can precisely help determine the speed and accuracy of the shooter. Tasleeh Group ADIHEX 2022

Aside from the stands, there are discounts, exciting perks, and sponsored prizes for ADIHEX’s activities from Carl Walther GMBH, Umarex GMBH & Co. KG, Cybergun, and G&G Armament. Also, Mattia Tanfoglio from the family of Fratelli Tanfoglio company and Wulf Heinz Pflaumer, the President of Umarex GMBH, visit and discuss their products at the exhibition. Tasleeh Group ADIHEX 2022

For the promotional activities, the Target Shooting Stand gives daily prizes that vary from airsoft and accessories lines for Emiratis, kids from ages 7 to 17, and resident expats. The participants must achieve the highest score for the day with a cut-off time for tallying every 6:45 pm. The prizes are awarded to the winners daily. Tasleeh Group ADIHEX 2022

Tasleeh displays the Smart Shooting Monitor produced by Gunpower based in Korea. It is a shooting system that is advanced, accurate, and training-effective hardware and software designed not only for shooting lovers but also for law enforcement and military training. Tasleeh also presents Megalink’s Electronic Scoring System, a well-engineered target system widely used worldwide and is being used in the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

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