When the Tabla and Kathak meet Emirati song to celebrate the UAE National Day

UAE, a country where cultures have always met like a beautifully synchronised symphony.  

To celebrate UAE’s 50th National Day, the children of GEMS Legacy School performed a beautiful Indian Kathak dance piece to lively Emirati music with the Indian Tabla to accompany it. 

Asha Alexander, Principal of GEMS Legacy School said, “The idea behind the concept was to use the performing arts to paint a sequence through dance, music, and rhythm to celebrate the 50 years of the UAE. We are a large Indian population that has benefited from the magnanimity and inclusive nature of this land that allows our people to call this home.”

She added that the students who learnt Kathak, as well as the Tabla at the school, employed their talents to dance and perform to the Emirati music. Alexander also explained that they performed the dance while donning the UAE flag colors which effectively and seamlessly combined both Indian and Emirati culture. 

She said, “The entire concept was an in-house creation and we had the Dubai Police as guests to witness this assembly which had several performances. Our young students have painted a visual through dance and music to depict the integration of two cultures that exist side by side. On their own they are distinctive but when they amalgamate, they paint a picture of tolerance, inclusivity, and respect. This is our tribute to the nation as it celebrates 50 years and we wish its rulers and its people the very best as we mark this milestone together.”

Shaneer N. Siddiqui

A news aficionado, Shaneer, Managing Editor of TheBrew.ae, is a keen observer of how news and mass communication industry is bringing about an invigorating change. He has a vast journalistic experience and writes on topics covering politics, social and development issues.

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