Women’s Day Special: UAE based film company releases short movies about inspiration and empowerment of Women

  • Films with the messages of #SpeakUp and #BeNeutral, short films are receiving rave reviews

UAE-based production Arabian Films have produced inspiring short films for International Women’s Day titled “#SpeakUp” and “#BeNeutral” and released for their Youtube channel “The Usual Stories” on the occasion of International Women’s day, 8th March 2021.

Resonating with women of all ages, the two films are in Malayalam with English subtitles. Both concepts were developed by filmmaker Thamar KV, a well-known ad visionary in the UAE who has produced films for major companies such as Etihad Airwards and Amazon. Two different directors in Kerala, one of whom is a woman, directed these films.

Thamar KV

Talking to The Brew, Thamar KV said that, “I always look for creative options and progressive content to address the complex issues in a simplistic manner. These movies are addressing the harassment and misconceptions, existing in our society with the right message. In our developing society, it is high time to break the stereotyping norms and speak up about your rights.”    

#BeNeutral, a film about keeping judgements aside and appreciating the contribution of women in society, is directed by a debutant lady director, Subahana Rasheed—a true highlight keeping the occasion in mind. Cast members include Beatrice Shine, Joyner Thomas, Sobith JB and Rahul Johnson.

Click here to watch #BeNeutral now:

#SpeakUp, with a story that drives home the message of voicing out against harassment in any situation, is directed by award winning director, Vishnu Dev. His earlier directorial venture, “Single Room”, won several prestigious awards across the globe. Actor Balaji Sharma, who is a part of this film, is well-known in the Malayalam film industry. Further cast members are Steffy Maria Raju and Aditya Sony.

Click here to watch #SpeakUp now

Arabian Films and The Usual Stories aim to highlight pressing issues prevalent in society by promoting inspiring, engaging and inspiring content. Their primary goal is prompting viewers to take action by triggering new thoughts.

Both short films have opened to positive reviews from viewers around the world, with the sentiments being shared across the gender and age spectrum.

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