World’s first in-bed shower showcased at the Korea Innovation Fair 2022

World’s first in-bed shower showcased at the Korea Innovation Fair 2022

DUBAI: A Korean company offering a pioneering solution to the hygiene needs of hospitalised patients with limited mobility was among the forward-thinking exhibitors at the Korea Innovation Fair 2022, which concluded recently at the Dubai Exhibition Centre at Expo 2020 Dubai.

HanMaek Medical Co Ltd showcased CCQ’s Bed Shower Carrier — a world first that the company says allows hospital and care-home patients with restricted mobility to receive a full shower without leaving their bed. The portable device even comes with a built-in drainage mechanism that sucks away the water after it is applied.

Since achieving a patent for innovation in the Republic of Korea last year, the company has provided the product to hospitals across its home country. The aim now, it said, is distribution within the GCC to hospitals, as well as a rental service, allowing family members to book the Bed Shower Carrier on behalf of a relative or friend in the hospital, with the option to add a nurse service.

Speaking at the fair, Hamid Lhssani, Business Development Manager, HanMaek Medical Co Ltd, said: “In Dubai, 80 per cent of the world is significantly represented. This means we can get insights and feedback on the product from the widest possible audience.”

Innovation at the event started at the entrance, where visitors had their temperature checked and were spritzed with hand sanitiser in one swoop. Further examples at the fair of innovations with medical applications included Narma’s delivery drones, which are used in Korea for the emergency delivery of blood and first-aid kits, can handle a 5kg load and travel up to 40 kilometres.

Exhibitors were sorted into micro-districts of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability – mirroring Expo 2020 Dubai’s three subthemes and the site’s main districts – the fair also featured dedicated areas for ‘K-Beauty’ and travel.

Visitors were also challenged to a game of Ddakji, a popular Korean children’s game that will be familiar to fans of Netflix hit Squid Game.

Source: Expo 2020 Website

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