You can soon send multiple photos, and videos via Google Chat at the same time

You can soon send multiple photos, and videos via Google Chat at the same time

World: Google has rolled out the ability to send multiple photos and videos simultaneously via its Chat.

You can now select more than one image or video at a time when sending a message in Google Chat.

This feature is now available across iOS devices and is rolling out on Android devices.

“You can attach files up to 200 MB from your computer, mobile device, or Google Drive directly to Google Chat messages,” said the tech company in its update.

The Google Chat media picker will let users pick up to 20 photos and videos to send in one go. Google Chat file sharing

Tech giant has already announced that it is now starting the process of migrating free, personal Hangouts users to Chat.

The company mentioned that users who wish to keep a copy of their Hangouts data to use Google Takeout — to download their data before Hangouts is no longer available in November this year.

Google said that moving to Google Chat will let users edit Docs, Slides or Sheets with side-by-side editing, making it easier to collaborate while continuing the conversation. It also includes Spaces, a dedicated place for topic-based collaboration.

About Google Chat

Google Chat is a communication service developed by Google. Initially designed for teams and business environments, it has since been made available for general consumers. Use Google Hangouts to keep in touch with one person or a group. Available on mobile or on desktop, start making video or voice calls today. Whether in a 1:1 chat or a dedicated group workspace, Google Chat makes it easy to collaborate with your team in an organized way. Share and discuss files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides all in one place. Add Chat to your Gmail inbox and get all the features of Chat directly in Gmail.

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